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Geothermal: Renewable energy right from the Earth

Household Solutions

For households that want less consumption and green energy

Institutional Solutions

For institutions and businesses that need to optimize their energy efficiency.

Our Expertise is the Earth

How we help

Our team of Geologists, Engineers and Heat Transfer Experts work constantly to enhance the transfer of energy between the Earth and the ground source heat pump. Our goal is to increase efficiency and lower costs.

The renewable energy future depends upon the electrification of interior climate conditioning and the elimination of fossil fuels for heating.   Geothermal multiplies energy from other renewable sources.

Solar Power
Wind Energy
“... The professionalism of Thermonexus and their innovative thinking delivered a superior solution to our projects. Many thanks for a great service!...”
National Park Service
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How are we different?


Our team has over 150 years of experience in all aspects related to enhancing the effectiveness of Geothermal Energy


Our sustainable future requires a seismic shift in our relationship with energy and how we utilize Earth's thermal resources

Core strength

Our professionals are innovative thinkers driven to succeed. They are not willing to settle for second best

Efficient energy for everyone

starts with adoption of Geothermal energy for interior climate conditioning.